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Big MacDo Meat-Eaters Absorb More Vegetable Nutrients than Vegans?

Eating a salad dressed with fat-free dressing provides less nutritional value to your body than a steak fajita, a chicken Caesar salad, your favorite pasta smothered in a marinara meat sauce or — dare I say it — a Big Mac.®

Chew Honest ScrapThe Meatatarian Army Guide to Leftover Salvage - Part One

One of the best ways to spend a winter evening is eating all the scraps from your summer cook-outs. I know what you're saying – "Scraps? That's crazy talk!" Well, you can't eat everything all the time or you'll explode, and winter's coming sooner or later. So here's a handy guide to make the most out of your uneaten sausages, burgers and steaks.

Bob's Big Boy Comic BookThe Adventures of a Corporate Hamburger Spokesman

The meat-eaters of the world have a lot of corporate characters to look up to Ronald McDonald, The Burger King, George Foreman... but my all time favorite has to be Bob's Big Boy. Big Boy also happens to star in one of the longest running comic book series in history.

Top 15 Myths About Eating Meat Vegetarians Accelerate Global Warming

Things aren't always black and white as PETA want's you to believe. To them it's simply "meat bad - vegetables good." This kind of thinking drives us crazy.

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