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Posted by Sven on 10/02/2008 (12288 Reads)

 Now I'm not one to go off on a tirade every time PETA does something stupid. If I did I'd have to be restrained almost daily. I am, however, one who relishes doing things that would infuriate any self-righteous PETA member.

To that end, I present my list of 33 animals (that you probably haven't thought about eating) that are fairly easy to obtain in the United States without even having to go hunting - animals that you can cook, grill, jerk, smoke, stew or fry to your heart's content and PETA can't do a damn thing about it!

1. Alligator
2. Antelope
3. Bison
4. Buffalo
5. Capon (Rooster)
6. Caribou
7. Chukar Partridge
8. Crocodile
9. Duck
10. Elk
11. Frog
12. Goose
13. Guinea Fowl
14. Kangaroo
15. Kobe Beef
16. Lamb
17. Llama
18. Ostrich
19. Pheasant
20. Python
21. Quail
22. Rabbit
23. Rattlesnake
24. Reindeer
25. Snapping Turtle
26. Squab
27. Venison
28. Wild Boar
29. Wild Turkey
30. Yak

AND SOMETIMES AVAILABLE (you might have to cross a picket line)...

31. Black Bear
32. Lion
33. Zebra

To get these, visit your local butcher shop and just ask if they take custom orders, or you can visit these fine online stores:, San Antonio, TX
Broken Arrow Ranch, Ingram, TX
SayersBrook Bison Ranch, Potosi, MO
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