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Venison Tenderloin
Posted by Meatylicious on 07/30/2008 (2879 reads)

 2 lbs. Venison (can be any cut - steaks, roast, tenderloin, etc)

1 packet of Lipton onion soup
1 can of cream of chicken OR cream of mushroom soup
Crockpot OR oven roaster

Mix the creamed soup and dry onion soup, making sure the meat is covered. If I have time to cook it all day, I will cook it on low in the crock pot. High works too and I have never noticed a difference in the taste or quality. If you do not have a crock pot, place it in the oven covered at 350˚ until tender and thick gravy has emerged.

Please note that I am bad about weights and measures. I like to throw stuff in a pot and let it cook. You may be able to fit more venison in your crock pot or roaster, so adjust the soup quantities as needed. It is imperative that the meat be covered by the soup.

This is my grandmother's recipe and it is magic. Enjoy. :)

* A word on mushrooms - My grandmother would occasionally make it with the mushroom soup instead of chicken. While I like mushrooms, they do not add to the taste of the venison in my opinion. Venison is already a rich meat and has "gamey" qualities that are enhanced when the mushroom soup is added. If you have a palette for such things, then go with the mushroom soup. If you are looking for a more down-home, less exotic result, the chicken soup will get you about as close to pot roast as you can get.

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