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The Adventures Of Tinger
Posted by dirtykalb on 11/05/2008 (2097 reads)

High above the alps lives Tinger, a Wolpertinger, with his friend Kaes. There they are enjoying the calm life and playing cards. Suddenly, it dawns on tinger that they need some bread for dinner. So, he hits the road. An hour later....

Tinger's friend Kaes is a piece of LIVING MEAT! And the Bavarian Meat Mafia has KIDNAPPED HIM!!!

If you think I'm kidding... Click Here For More

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Trick Or Meat!
Posted by Angus on 10/28/2008 (1785 reads)

In the spirit of Halloween, we've been searching the web for some meat related costumes. Here are a couple that we came across.


Check out these costumes and more here!

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I'm Cold Billy...Get Me My Shawl
Posted by Angus on 10/22/2008 (1317 reads)

 Have someone in your life that just can't stay warm? Looking for that perfect Christmas gift? Love meat? Have I got the perfect thing for you! The Knitted Big Grill Wrap (Not Suitable for Vegetarians). Who wouldn't want to wrap up on a cold night in this? I wonder if it smells like meat too?

Check it out here.

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Rabid Cow/Woman Attacks Town
Posted by dirtykalb on 10/03/2008 (1376 reads)

MIDDLETOWN -- A Middletown woman is accused of being disorderly in public -- while wearing a cow suit.

A police report filed about the incident said Michelle Allen allegedly chased children in her neighborhood while wearing the suit on Monday evening.

Read More Here

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on 10/03/2008 (1638 reads)

Can you be a part-time vegetarian?

Good question. Well, I consider myself a "Pastatarian" who enjoys eating meat, so I guess a "Vegetarian" that eats meat on occasion isn't too crazy an idea, right?

In a way it's intriguing, because at least part-time vegetarians or "Flexitarians" aren't knockin' the meat we eat. They're just eating less of it for either health or economic reasons.

But critics are saying that "being a little bit vegetarian is like being a little bit pregnant."

I say I'll eat with a Flexitarian over a hard core vegan or vegetarian any day. At least they won't be giving me the evil eye when I chow down on a spicy chicken finger!

Read more about it here in Newsweek.

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33 OTHER Animals You Can Eat That Will Really Piss Off PETA
Posted by Sven on 10/02/2008 (12334 reads)

 Now I'm not one to go off on a tirade every time PETA does something stupid. If I did I'd have to be restrained almost daily. I am, however, one who relishes doing things that would infuriate any self-righteous PETA member.

To that end, I present my list of 33 animals (that you probably haven't thought about eating) that are fairly easy to obtain in the United States without even having to go hunting - animals that you can cook, grill, jerk, smoke, stew or fry to your heart's content and PETA can't do a damn thing about it!

1. Alligator
2. Antelope
3. Bison
4. Buffalo
5. Capon (Rooster)
6. Caribou
7. Chukar Partridge
8. Crocodile
9. Duck
10. Elk
11. Frog
12. Goose
13. Guinea Fowl
14. Kangaroo
15. Kobe Beef
16. Lamb
17. Llama
18. Ostrich
19. Pheasant
20. Python
21. Quail
22. Rabbit
23. Rattlesnake
24. Reindeer
25. Snapping Turtle
26. Squab
27. Venison
28. Wild Boar
29. Wild Turkey
30. Yak

AND SOMETIMES AVAILABLE (you might have to cross a picket line)...

31. Black Bear
32. Lion
33. Zebra

To get these, visit your local butcher shop and just ask if they take custom orders, or you can visit these fine online stores:, San Antonio, TX
Broken Arrow Ranch, Ingram, TX
SayersBrook Bison Ranch, Potosi, MO
Steak of the Month Club

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New Law Requires "Country-of-Origin" Labels on Meat
on 10/01/2008 (1561 reads)

 black angusIf you're a Meatatarian that wants to know exactly where that juicy steak you're grilling came from, you're in luck!

A new law is in effect as of September 30th that requires food manufacturers and grocery stores to label the country of origin of their meat products.

Of course there are some loopholes in the whole system... like what do you do with imported livestock that's been shipped to the US for immediate slaughter? You label it US!

And for some meat, such as hamburger patties, you might see multiple countries listed if the cuts are combined from different countries.

Click here to read more.

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Quod In Duodeviginti Dies Deus No Bacon.
Posted by dirtykalb on 10/01/2008 (1343 reads)

 Quod sententia vadum supplex down quod precor ut bacon does narro talis votum vadum exsisto sic exsisto votum.

The Holy Church Of Bacon.

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PETA Screams for Ice Cream!
Posted by Angus on 09/24/2008 (1340 reads)

OK. We all know that PETA is NUTS, but this one takes the cake! Apparently, PETA feels that children should not be exposed to cow's milk. Now, PETA has a list of twisted figures and statistics that all point to cow's milk being bad for you. They're good at manipulating data. I'm sure they just haven't had time to look up all of the nutritional values of cow's milk.

PETA actually wants ice cream producers to start substituting cow's milk for human breast milk. Let me say it again...H-U-M-A-N BREAST MILK! They even sent a letter to Ben and Jerry's asking them to switch to breast milk. They said in their letter, "The breast is best! Won't you give cows and their babies a break and our health a boost by switching from cow's milk to breast milk in Ben and Jerry's ice cream?"

Read the rest of the story and letter here.

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What Did Pirates Eat?
Posted by Angus on 09/19/2008 (1555 reads)


In honor of this momentous occasion we thought it would be cool and a little educational to fill you in on what a standard meal for a pirate would be. Aside from the obvious rum and grog, pirates ate and drank a wide variety of things.

The first few weeks at sea were very bountiful for pirates. There was plenty of meat, cheese, eggs, and what ever else they could get their hands on! But, after a couple of weeks, things would not be so easy. Pirates obviously did not have refrigeration so most of the meat and vegetables had to be pickled or salted. Eventually all of the food would go bad and start to rot and spoil.

There was livestock on board. Usually a few chickens and cows, but they never made it the entire voyage. Chickens were kept alive as long as they laid eggs. Once that stopped it was into the pot! Cows were kept for the milk. Once the cow's food supply was gone it was STEAK AND RIBS FOR EVERYONE!

Read more below...

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