Posted by Angus on 07/30/2008 (2042 Reads)
I Don't Get It!

OK... there is something that has been bothering me for a very long time. Those that know me will tell you this is my biggest pet peeve! I have a lot of them, too! I am sick and tired of all the non-meat eaters referring to those abominations they eat as "veggie burgers!" Are you kidding me? A burger with no meat? That's NOT a burger!! Call it a veggie patty or vegetable puck, but STOP CALLING IT A BURGER!

Now before everyone runs to the dictionary and looks up the word burger, I already did. Most of the dictionaries do mention "veggie burger" when defining the word "burger." That's the problem! The vegetarians have stolen the word from us and it's time we took it back! If you don't want to eat meat... fine... whatever... that's your choice. But why do you have to justify it by pretending to eat meat? They make these patties to look like and even taste like meat. If you made the right choice then show it! Eat a "Veggie Frisbee" and be proud!

It's simple. If it has meat in it, then it can be called a "burger!" Turkey, chicken, salmon, the list goes on and on. If it's a dead animal then it's OK and quite tasty too! So let's leave the vegetables where they belong... on TOP of the burger... not IN the burger! Let's take back the burger and call those vegetable things what they really are... a coaster.

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