Zombies - The Ultimate Meatatarian
Posted by Angus on 08/05/2009 (1822 Reads)

In our never ending effort to prepare all of you for the impending zombie apocalypse (Oh and it's coming!) I remembered a quote from Sun Tzu's Art of War that states "know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster." Which makes total sense! The best way to defeat the army of the undead is to get inside their rotting heads and figure out what makes them tick.

Why do zombies like brains so much. Why do they walk that way? So many questions. That's were Dr. Steven C. Schlozman comes in. Dr. Schlozman is an assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and a lecturer at the Harvard School of Education. He's is also a huge fan of all things zombie. Now, I first saw Dr. Sclozman on G4 TV's Attack of the Show and have read a few articles about his love for zombie movies.

The good doctor has done extensive research on the living dead and he even put together a fake medical journal report explaining the neurobiology of the average zombie. He even gave the condition a very technical name. Ataxic Neurodegenerative Satiety Deficiency Syndrome, or ANSD.

Now I tried to find the actual paper, but the doctor never actually published it. I did however find an article that explains the doctor's theories in great detail. Check it out here.

So study up! Get to know your enemy. The zombies are coming!

See the G4 TV interview here.

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