Posted by Sven & Angus on 06/26/2008 (2362 Reads)
The Jerky Jar

You're probably asking yourself... "Self... what the HELL qualifies these two yahoos to review Jerky?" It's simple! We eat jerky everyday and it's OUR site! OK... need a little more than that? We do eat jerky while we are working everyday. We have an actual 1 GALLON "Jerky Jar" that is never empty! We've had the good fortune to try Jerky from every corner of the globe. That's right... we've even eaten REINDEER!

Now, enough of the JIBBA JABBA... on with the review!

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We received a lovely care package containing several types of Jerky today from Janie at "House of Jerky." We closed our eyes, reached into the box and pulled out a 4 oz. bag of "Natural Style Beef Jerky." We'll Chew & Review the other flavors later! Here's what we think:

AROMA: Pleasantly pungent! A thrill for our noses!

TEXTURE: Meaty! No need to say anything else!

TASTE: Tangy to start, exceptionally BEEFY and a very nice peppery finish.

BITE: Easy to tear, Easy to chew!

COLOR: Still looks like MEAT!

EXTRAS: All natural ingredients. No preservatives. Made from premium grass fed beef.

BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: A little above average price ($10.50 for a 4 oz. bag-includes shipping), but worth EVERY PENNY!

RATING SCALE: We didn't expect our very first Chew & Review to be such a high score, is what it is! The "Natural Style Beef Jerky" is truly some of the best we've ever had! On a scale of 1 to 5... this jerky gets 5 STEERS!

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