Posted by Angus on 11/14/2008 (2626 Reads)

 Turkey Layer CakeNow I know you have seen the Meat Cake on our site before, but this one is worth repeating. I came across this while scouring the web for unique Thanksgiving recipes. Apparently the creator of the Turkey Cake, David Seah, had already done the traditional Thanksgiving dinner with most of his family, but had to do a separate dinner with his dad the following weekend. They didn't want to do a full blown dinner so they settled on the next best thing...Meat Cake! They took inspiration from the Black Widow Bakery meat cake that we mentioned in our original article and tweeked it a bit to fit their needs. Needless to say, it was a huge hit. I was impressed with David's effort, especially for a first timer! Great job David!

Check out more pics and the full story here.

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