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Posted by jjns23 on 10/03/2008 (1605 Reads)

Can you be a part-time vegetarian?

Good question. Well, I consider myself a "Pastatarian" who enjoys eating meat, so I guess a "Vegetarian" that eats meat on occasion isn't too crazy an idea, right?

In a way it's intriguing, because at least part-time vegetarians or "Flexitarians" aren't knockin' the meat we eat. They're just eating less of it for either health or economic reasons.

But critics are saying that "being a little bit vegetarian is like being a little bit pregnant."

I say I'll eat with a Flexitarian over a hard core vegan or vegetarian any day. At least they won't be giving me the evil eye when I chow down on a spicy chicken finger!

Read more about it here in Newsweek.

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