Posted by Angus on 06/22/2008 (2710 Reads)

We chose the Char-griller for a very good reason. Sven has been using this very model religiously going on 12 years now. It has been the center piece of many a backyard BBQ at Casa de Sven! Let me tell you this...the Char-griller has earned it's keep! It has been left outside in the rain, sleet, snow, and even hail since day one. The only maintainance it has ever needed is a little touch up with grill paint or bacon grease (coming soon "seasoning a grill" in our "Grilling Tips" section). The optional smoker box is a must have and is relatively easy to install! In our humble (and a little biased) opinion...BUY THIS GRILL!

Here are some of the stats...

830 inch main grill area
Cast iron cooking grates for even heating
Large round legs for sturdy support
Airtight flanged hood for greater heat control
Easily add coals without removing the entire grate
Adjustable grate height for temperature control
Heat gauge
Easy cleanup with the easy dump ash pan
Keep your food warm with the warming rack (optional)
Side fire box for that Texas Smoke Flavor
Heavy steel construction provides years of durability
Powder coat finish for long lasting color
Heat diffuser

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