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Posted by Angus on 08/29/2008 (1294 Reads)

I recently came across an article written by Christine Lennon in "Food & Wine" magazine that I couldn't stop reading. Christine wrote about her husband and several of their friends who had recently tossed off their vegetarian ways and began eating meat again. It seems that this is a growing trend in many areas of the country. Christine's group, like many others, has jumped on the "grass fed" beef band-wagon.
Grass fed beef has become the new "in" thing with many Hollywood types and is becoming more and more available nationwide and for good reason! It's simple! Grass fed beef is GOOD for you! That's right GOOD for you. It's also better for the cattle. Cows are left to graze naturally in green pastures instead of warehouses.

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So, they're happier cows? So it's OK to eat the cow as long as he's happy before you kill him? WTF? Now, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "THOSE HYPOCRITICAL BASTARDS"! I thought the same thing too, at first. Then I thought about it and I came to a conclusion.Who cares how and why they decided to start eating meat again! Meat is an essential part of the human diet and the vegetarians know it.

They can now eat the meat and stay on their "high horse" by throwing around words like "grass fed" and "ethical". But, I don't care! They have seen the error of their ways and are eating meat again! HOORAY!! The more Meatatarians the better!

Check out Christine's article here.

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