Posted by dirtykalb on 08/14/2008 (2737 Reads)

 It was in the early 90's along the Florida panhandle and I was fresh out of college, now a communications and marketing graduate, but all I was interested in was cooking. Our area is known for its restaurants and for several years I was fortunate to work in some of the best.

In 1994 I made the big move to
Hyde Park, New York and attended the prestigious Culinary Institute of America. With some good training and experience and now a degree from CIA it appeared as though I had a promising career as a chef, or so I thought. It was while in New York I somehow became an ambassador for true Southern slow cooked barbeque. The more I introduced it to students, the more I fell in love with it myself. In all of my travels and experience I still believe that there is no cooking method that can come close to barbeque when it comes to the passion of preparation, the anticipation, and of course the meal itself.

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