Posted by Angus on 08/12/2008 (2400 Reads)
The Jerky Jar

We know...we know! It's been a little while since our last review. Sorry! We have been scouring the world and the web for all things meat! While on our latest Meat Quest we were walking through our local grocery store where we came across a very nice display of jerky. We were familiar with most of the brands, but there were a couple that we had not yet gnawed upon. So we closed our eyes and randomly grabbed a handful. The first lucky contestant is "Trail's Best -Original Flavor". Enough of the gab! Less talkie, more reviewie!

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We're jumping ahead a bit in the review (check out the "EXTRAS"), but one of the first things that drew us to the Trail's Best was the bag! It's got a Lumber Jack on it! We were anxious to try it and here's what we think:

Very BEEFY with a great smoky finish!

TEXTURE: Just dry enough and VERY meaty!

TASTE: It was just plain GOOD! It had the right amount of spice and smoke!

BITE: Very lean and easy to bite!

COLOR: Nice and dark! You can definitely see the smoky goodness!

EXTRAS: It's got a Lumber Jack on it! Nice size pieces and NO MSG!

BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: Comparable to commercial jerkys ($4.49 for 3.65 oz. bag)

RATING SCALE: We really enjoyed the Trail's Best and we definitely plan on buying it again! We also bought the teriyaki flavor and can't wait to try it! On a scale of 1 to 5... this jerky gets 5 STEERS!

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