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Date 2008/7/21 18:17:30 | Topic: Meat Quotes

 Archie: Aw, look at this, will you? Meat prices up again by 8%.

Gloria: Maybe we ought to turn vegetarian. It'd be cheaper. And healthier.

Archie: Well I ain't turnin' that, 'cause it ain't natural. Man was put on this earth to eat meat.

Mike: Who says so?

Archie: Who says so? The Bible says so, dumbbell.

Mike: Where does it say that?

Archie: Oh come on, will ya? I mean, look it up. Jeez! All them old Bible people, they was always eating meat, as soon as they found out eating apples was wrong. That's true, on special occasions - goats, lambs. Who the hell ever heard of sacrificing a head of lettuce?

All In The Family (from "Archie and the Editorial", September 1972)

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