MQOTD: Danny - Angus' 3 Year Old Son

Date 2009/6/30 22:00:00 | Topic: Meat Quotes

One morning while eating breakfast with my two boys, Mike and Danny, we were trying to come with the most tasty flavor for a popsicle.

Mikey, who is 6, was first with watermelon. My mind immediately went to some sort of rum and Diet Coke concoction. But, the true epiphany came from my youngest. In a sweet little voice Danny said, "Dada, I know what would be a good popsicle...BACON!"

At that moment, I was overcome! I couldn't have been more proud. A tear welled up in the corner of my eye and I experienced a true father/son moment. Through the welling pride, tears of joy, and laughter... I could not help but shout "THAT'S MY BOY!"

So to all the world's popsicle makers I can only say one thing...


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