Meat Quotes from Sherman Alexie

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Native American author and comedian Sherman Alexie is a favorite target of PETA, mostly because he doesn't pull punches when it comes to eating animals and overly zealous environmentalists. Enjoy some of his finer moments:

"For one thing, environmentalism is a luxury. Just like being a vegetarian is a luxury. When you have to worry about eating - you're not going to be worried about where the food's coming from, or who made your shoes. Poverty, whether planned or not planned, is a way of making environmentalism moot. Even this discussion is a luxury."

Source: The Iowa Review, vol. 30, no. 3, Winter 2000

"During a recent San Francisco antiwar protest, a young woman carried a sign that read 'Vegetarians for Peace.'

When are we left-wingers going to learn that we are losing the cultural and political battle with conservatives because we are fractured into narcissistic special-interest groups? Why should an antiwar protestor be so concerned about her dietary identity? The political opinions of vegetarians and meat-eaters are, after all, equally important. And what does it tell us about vegetarians that it would never occur to meat-eaters to carry a sign that reads "Pacifist Pork Chop Lover for Peace" or 'Backyard Rib Barbecuer for International Nuclear Disarmament?'"

Source: The Stranger, April 17, 2003

"I've gotten death threats from vegans… What are they going to do? Throw their Birkenstocks at me?"

Source: The Stranger, April 17, 2003

"The day you get a cow up here to beat me in a poetry slam is the day I’ll stop eating them. Only so many words rhyme with 'moo.' I mean, yes, we're supposed to be better stewards. Yes, we're supposed to take care of the earth. Yes, we're supposed to honor the sacrifices made by the animals. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes — but damn it, we're in charge! And you know why? It's because of these [holding out thumbs]...

Maybe you think that carrots are less important than cows. I think they're equal, especially in a sauce."

Source: Live at Cataldo Hall, Gonzaga University, Spokane, WA

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