Upcoming Meat Events

Date 2008/9/12 14:10:00 | Topic: Calendar of Meat

Here's just a little reminder of some cool meat related events coming up soon! I know what you're saying..."what does talking like a pirate have to do with meat"? Well, pirates ate a lot of meat! They also helped spread the love of "jerky"! Pirates traded with island natives for several amenities before going back out to sea, including dried meat called "Ch'arki" which later became "jerky". So, ARRRRRRRRRR!

6th annual Natchitoches Meat Pie Festival-Natchitoches, Louisiana-September 12-13

International Talk Like a Pirate Day-September 19

Green County Cheese Days-Monroe, Wisconson-September 19-21

Blues, Views, & BBQ Festival-Westport, Conneticut-September 20-21

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