Don't Fret My Little Meat Eaters...

Date 2008/9/10 11:14:09 | Topic: Whatever!

It's that time of year again. The Labor Day weekend has passed and hints of Fall are in the air. It won't be long now until Summer is "officially" over. It will be time to pack up the swim trunks and lawn chairs and start getting ready for next year. But, you don't have to pack up the Ol' BBQ. That's right! There are plenty of reasons to keep the grill going all year long.

Tailgating: I know for me, I can't think of many things that I enjoy more than tailgating. I love throwing some sausage or burgers on the grill, drinking some beer or rum and watching football. That can take you all the way through January! There's baseball going on through October too!

Thanksgiving: That's heard me! THANKSGIVING! I know most of you have had a chance to try a deep fried turkey. If you haven't, I recommend you to try one this year. You can cook a turkey on the grill as well. You can cook it whole (see The "Best" Grilled Turkey) or in pieces. Whatever trips your trigger! But, I have to tell you, the BEST turkey I have ever tasted was on a trip to Tennessee many Thanksgivings ago. I had the good fortune to try my first smoked turkey and it was delicious! It was moist and smokey with some of the tastiest skin ever!   The skin is my favorite part.

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You see, right there are two great reasons to cookout this Fall. There is no excuse for putting the grill away just because Summer is over. I'll be out there in the dead of winter with tongs frozen to my hand if that's what it takes! I challenge all of you Meatatarians to do the same! Keep the fires burning and the smoke billowing and everything will be OK!

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