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Date 2008/8/23 19:50:00 | Topic: Calendar of Meat

That's right meat eaters! We have added another topic to CAD! In our never ending effort to bring you all things MEAT, "Calendar of Meat" has been added to our topics list. We will be doing our best to keep you up to speed with as many meat related events as possible. BBQ cook-offs, meat festivals, pig roasts, if they're cooking meat...we'll do our best to let you know! You can help us and your fellow Meatatarians out as well! If you know of a meat event going on and we haven't posted it yet, DO IT YOURSELF! Hell, if your having a BBQ in your backyard, and want us to come, you can put that here too! If there's meat we'll be there! Now get off your pork butt and get to gettin'!

Here are few we have found so far:

Wabash Ribberfest BBQ Championship-Mt. Carmel, IL.-September 04-06 (no website info)

6th annual Natchitoches Meat Pie Festival-Natchitoches, Louisiana-September 12-13

Green County Cheese Days-Monroe, Wisconson-September 19-21

Blues, Views, & BBQ Festival-Westport, Conneticut-September 20-21

Ohio Smoked Meat and Barbecue Festival-October 18

More to come!

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