Red Meat, White Meat, Blue Meat, Meat-O-F*cking-Rama

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I just love me some Denis Leary!

Meat Lyrics...

"Red meat, white meat, blue meat, meat-o-f*cking-rama. You will eat it. Because ? not eating meat is a decision. Eating meat is an instinct! Yeah! And I know what it's about. "I don't want to eat the meat because I love the animals. I love the animals."

Hey, I love the animals too. I love my doggy. He's so cute. My fluffy little dog... ? ? He's so cute, there's the problem. We only want to save the cute animals, don't we?
Yeah. Why don't we just have animal auditions. Line 'em up one by one and interview them individually. "What are you?" "I'm an otter." "And what do you do?" "I swim around on my back and do cute little human things with my hands." "You're free to go."

"And what are you?" "I'm a cow." "Get in the f*cking truck, ok pal!" "But I'm an animal." "You're a baseball glove! Get on that truck!" "I'm an animal, I have rights!"
"Yeah, here's yer f*cking cousin, get on the f*cking truck, pal!" We kill the cows to make jackets out of them and then we kill each other for the jackets we made out of the cows."

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