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Grill of the Week - Char-Griller: "Smokin Pro" - $179.00 srp
Posted by Angus on 06/22/2008 (2438 reads)

We chose the Char-griller for a very good reason. Sven has been using this very model religiously going on 12 years now. It has been the center piece of many a backyard BBQ at Casa de Sven! Let me tell you this...the Char-griller has earned it's keep! It has been left outside in the rain, sleet, snow, and even hail since day one. The only maintainance it has ever needed is a little touch up with grill paint or bacon grease (coming soon "seasoning a grill" in our "Grilling Tips" section). The optional smoker box is a must have and is relatively easy to install! In our humble (and a little biased) opinion...BUY THIS GRILL!

Here are some of the stats...

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