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1933 Chicago World's Fair - A Century of ProgressOn May 27, 1933, the Chicago World's Fair ("A Century of Progress International Exposition") opened in Chicago. It remains one of the largest fairs ever held, bringing in 22.5 million ticket sales in 1933 and another 16.4 million in 1934.1 The fair promoted architectural and industrial innovation. Ford Motor Company even produced a $5 million, nine-hundred-foot long building with a 20-foot globe, recreations of historic highways and an automobile assembly plant.

There were a few oddball displays, however, like the "Magic Mountain" slides for the kiddies, Sally Rand's infamous "fan dance" show for the bachelors and, of course, the "Living Babies in Incubators" exhibit.2 But what I want to know is...

where the hell is my robot cow?

  Chicago World's Fair - Robot CowClick here to see
Popular Science's
on the elusive cow.3

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2"Century of Progress 1933-34," Chicago History Museum,
3"Robot Cow Moos and Gives Milk," Popular Science, May 1933

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